About ReDesigns by V.

Hi, I'm V.
Welcome to my home, I am an entrepreneur, Redesigner, lover of all things Vintage and dedicated to inspiring you to design for the love of your home.
I have been on a life long journey to find out what my passion is, what was I meant to do. I have tried my hand at many different professions and thought each time "this is it" but I could never shake the feeling "this is not it".  I do wish sometime I could have had a more straight path to finding what I love, but better late than never right?

What I do know now is that I love Art, creating, repurposing, decorating, painting, styling, restyling, and Redesigning all things for Home & Life.
Re-purposing and painting furniture, creating home decor designs, and hunting for Vintage collectibles makes me happy and allows my creative side to thrive.
I am a bargain hunter @ Heart! From my earliest memories, my grandmother brought me along to every flea market, yard sale, and estate sale that she could find. She had a knack for finding that hidden treasure and breathing life back into it. She was a “picker” before picking became popular!

I love and collect many things especially antique religious relics, vintage French books, religious crowns, mannequins, French statues and busts, and just about anything else that is vintage French!
I love Annie Sloan chalk paint and burlap! French, Shabby, French Nordic, Swedish, and Country Cottage décor.
I also love architecture and staging, in the past I have bought, redesigned and flipped properties, it had it’s challenges but was truly what I loved doing. I may venture in that direction again in the future, I never know where this life is going to take me..

I enjoy all styles in my own home and tend to mix them together, my favorites are a mix of vintage-chic, rustic elements, mid-century modern with a bit of sparkle for the wow factor.
Finally, I am passionate about supporting people who want to find and live their passion. What I hope to do is inspire you to have the courage to live your life the way you want, to have faith that anything is possible, and to believe you can do what you have always dreamt of.
​As of today I am still on my journey of Redesigning my Home & Life. xoxo