Look what I've done! finally....

I can't believe I have found my dream job!

 I am officially in my dream job! I am a curator of beautiful home decor and vintage collectibles. After years of trying to figure it out "What am I meant to do".

I am in love with the hunt, the research, and the beauty of the treasures I find. It is the most exciting part of my work. I am excited to share my experience with you in hopes that it motivates you to do what you love. Whatever it is, give it a try. 


Why you should try Thrift hunting and recycling.

First, I’m hoping you agree with me that thrifting is awesome. It’s a great way to save so much on anything you need for your home and much more.  Besides unique items you can find a multitude of amazing goods and more such as great home decor, supplies for your hobbies, designer bags, lightly worn vintage- you will be amazed at what people donate.  


1. Good on your budget

When you go treasure hunting, expect to spend fractions of the prices you’d typically spend at a traditional retail store. 

2. One of a kind items

From vintage to designer, you can definitely score some remarkable items you wouldn’t usually find anywhere else. Thrift stores, consignment shops, and don't forget online listings are your one-stop shop for your home decor needs. 


3. Reuse is good

Thrift shopping encourages reusing and recycling in our communities, In addition you can always donate your unwanted clothes to thrift shops instead of throwing them away, it's good for the environment.

4. Help those in need

Most thrift shops like Goodwill and Salvation Army are non-profits. This means part of what you spend gives back to a good cause, what a great way to make a difference.

5. Buy low , sell high

One of the great things about thrift shopping is finding items that are no longer made! This means they are in high demand and people will pay for quality goods. With a bit of digging and determination, you can score authentic finds that create a win win for both you and your customer.


5 Items I never pass up at Thrift Stores:

1. Mirrors, especially vintage

I’ve have found and transformed many gorgeous vintage mirrors. They are number one on my checklist when traveling and and during my thrifting adventures. They have so many options to work with, you can paint, remove the mirror and just use the frame, or embellish and add your style of glitz to it.  If you see a mirror with a frame you really love grab it and give it a try.

2. Candle holder, Bottles, Vases

I find so many pretty vases, jars, and bottles every time I visit the thrift stores. They are the best and easiest to allow your creativity to shine. You can embellish, paint, do whatever to it to make it pretty. Perhaps grab a bundle and make a mantle display, in a kitchen hutch would be amazing. I love them because of so many design options, go ahead give it a try see what you think.  Keep an eye out for a set of candle holders too, and if you hate the finish of them, just add paint. Place some dollar store candlesticks in them and enjoy. 


3. Dishes, Pitchers, and Servingware

I’ve scored so many great pitchers and dishes over the years to use for entertaining. Some have even been name brand designer pieces. I always like to stick to the classic pieces- you can never go wrong with plain white and simple glass.

4. Wood pieces

Thrift stores get in dressers, tables, home decor made of quality wood that only need a little sanding, a quick paint job, some embellishing, or a change in hardware. (Here's a helpful link) if you’ve never painted furniture. These pieces are the perfect canvas for you to try out the artist in you. Go for it, the finished product is meant to be unique and one of a kind, right? Perfect.

5. Baskets, Buckets, and Trays

I’ve had to ground myself from buying anymore baskets, buckets, and trays because I find so many cute ones all the time! Use baskets for extra small storage around the house, buckets for planters, and trays for coffee table decor.


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