Making it real now or never..

I have a dream, and after all I have learned in my life, I've decided the time is now.

I read this today, it came across my path just at the right time, I love it. They are not my words but today I have commited to make this my journey. I just wanted to share a little encouragement for whoever needs it. Take it and run with it.

Life doesn’t begin at 40…or at the end of your comfort zone.

Life begins the day you decide that it does.

The day you realise, that each day you awake, is truly a gift and how so few people are blessed with that gift, like you are right now.

How many others did not wake up to see this new day, no matter how rainy or stressful that day may be.

The day you look around and realise that beauty and joy can be found in every, single, moment.

That’s when your life truly begins.

And wow, does it begin.

So, you’ve heard it before but maybe this time really hear it:

Live your life, every minute of it

Save nothing for ‘best’

Eat the delicious food

Burn the expensive candle

Buy the ticket  

Take the trip

Take the risk

Free yourself and let go

For today is a gift and tomorrow is promised to no one – right?



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