DIY bathroom transformation! Save $$...

Last June of 2018 my husband and I relocated to beautiful Arizona from northern California looking for the perfect home that would be cohesive to out new lives. I have to say it was not as easy a task as I had thought. When we arrived in the midst of the summer heat no one told me the real estate market was just as HOT. After many offers and being outbid or the deal just not working out, we found our forever home, only it was built in 1987 and uggg it looked like it to. I have a list of projects that need to be completed but I decided to take on our master bath. I am a thrifter by heart so I could not accept that to have a bathroom I loved I would have to pay thousand $$ (plural) for it. I decided to take on the task with my hubby's help of course. 

As you can see in the pics we removed a tall middle cabinet (see paint lines) that made this small bathroom look too dark and crowded. You can also see the counter tops, hardware, and everything else I hated about this bathroom. The first thing we needed to do was choose a counter surface that was lighter, brighter, and updated. I was fortunate enough to find a great deal on the granite piece. (Check your local FB ads and definitely ask your trusted neighbors for recommendations.)  Next I needed to start with the style of the sink hardware because that alone would determine the completed look (colors, light fixtures, mirrors, etc) they were my most important choice. I was able to find the new hardware on Amazon and with my prime benefits and discounts that I've earned I saved lots of $$.

Next was the flooring and backsplash design. Well I just have to say it took plenty of trips to the store, bringing home samples to view to finally get to the choices, but as you can see we decided on the wood look ceramic tiles for the floor. These floors IMO are the best, low maintenance and look like real wood.  The backsplash is a mix of light & dark grey but mostly white octagon shapes, it gives it a light and modern finish. Because we participated in the installation of both the floors and backsplash, again we were able to save tons of $$! 

In keeping with the style of the hardware I need to find the perfect round mirror. I knew I didn't want all black so I had to shake it up a bit. I chose to add Gold for a little bit of (in my words) jazz. I feel you can never go wrong with gold, black, and white, right? 

 And finally, I needed to do something with these box cabinets. I had originally thought of replacing them completely with new ones BUT after receiving the price quote I quickly changed my mind. I knew I had to pull out my paint brush and do my magic. Anytime you plan on painting cabinets weather in your kitchen and bathroom, do not use regular paint. I have always used paints specifically made for cabinets as in my house they get alot of use. 

I purchased the Rustoleum cabinet transformation kit. I've used this kit in a kitchen I did once and was very happy with the results so I did not hesitate to use it again on this small project.

The kit comes with everything you need and step by step instructions. Make sure you don't skip any steps for best results.

In the end I am happy with the results, we saved literally thousands of $$ making this a DIY project. I'm not adding the finishing touches, which is the part I love the best. I'll add new wall decor and counter decor to make it Ohh la la. 

What about you? Have you done a similar DIY project lately? Comment, let me know, and post questions if you have.


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